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Grand Line Creations LLC

About Us


The Team

The People of Grand Line Creations

Richard Hempton

Executive Producer/Writer/Director

Richard Hempton has spent many years working in the film industry both in front of and behind the camera.  Classically trained in multiple techniques, he is widely regarded for his work as an acting instructor for adults and young adults in the Atlanta area as well as his work as a screenwriter and director.

Christian Meier

Executive Producer/Writer/Actor

Christian “Blaque” Meier, an accomplished actor and the heart of the Grand Line Creations writing team, provides the company with his endless wellspring of creativity and craft along with his writing and performance expertise.    

Edi Tingle

Executive Producer/Actor/Marketing Manager

Edi Tingle, writer, actor on stage and screen and veteran of the local Atlanta improv scene, brings her extensive experience and energy to every Grand Line Creations production.  

Robert Vardaros

Owner/Executive Producer/Director Of Photography

Robert Vardaros is a talented Director of Photography and writer whose direction and post-production and managerial expertise guide this diverse and dynamic team and forms the backbone of Grand Line Creations.

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